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1) Chicken / Kana Korma

Mild / Mieto

There is no other South Asian dish as famous as this creamy chicken curry. Rooted in Mughlai cuisine, it conquered the modern-day Indian cuisine with its amazing blend of spices in thick creamy sauce. To make it like how the royals ate in old days, we add gorgeous cashew nuts to get even richer flavour.

2) Eksotik Fried Rice – Chicken / Kana

Medium / Keskivahva, Medium+ / Keskivahva+

Bringing plain white rice to life by mixing with crunchy vegetables, meat, sauces and various spices might have originally come from China. However, we added a small twist and made it a universal dish by adding spices from other parts of the world. You can taste it as it or combine it with another dish.

3) Chili Lamb / Lammas

Medium / Keskivahva

If the name of this dish reminds you a red-hot lamb dish, you got it all wrong. The nice blend of the strong taste of raw green chillies and east Asian ingredients give this dish a unique flavour.

4) Sri Lankan Curry – Vegetable / Vihannes

Medium / Keskivahva

No Sri Lankan dish is perfect until you add a cup full of creamy coconut milk to it. Together with fresh vegetables and Sri Lankan spices, this will change your perception about the vegetable dishes.

5) Filipino Mixed Noodles (available from 13:00 only)

Medium / Keskivahva, Medium+ / Keskivahva+

Even an amateur cook can make (instant) noodles in 2 minutes, but making real Filipino noodles dish requires skills. We made it extra special by mixing chicken, lamb and sea food together.